"HYDROSAN" LCC is a design office specialising in a broad area of environmental protection within the scope of designing water-sewage management facilities and gas networks.

Our services include in particular:

  • water supply systems, water treatment stations, ground and surface water intakes,
  • gas networks,
  • municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants,
  • sanitary sewerage systems: gravitational, pressure, vacuum with monitoring of pumping stations,
  • storm water drainage systems with devices for treating rainwater.

The company’s operations cover comprehensive services of an investment process – from consultations to a concept and all design stages to supervision.

oferta-konsulting Consulting

As a part of consulting services, we offer:

  • organizational and financial consulting,
  • developing water-legal studies,
  • creating environmental impact reports,
  • developing feasibility studies and applications for co-financing,
  • other studies.

oferta-opracowanie_projektow Design development

Documentation prepared by us include the following stages and studies:

1. Consultations with the investor/client

  • defining main design objectives
  • defining a preliminary draft budget
  • defining a scope of design works
  • setting a time frame for completion of a project

2. Preliminary design (conceptual design)

  • technological calculations
  • site and landscape development plan
  • designing preliminary routs of networks
  • drafts of designed and modernized facilities
  • lists and specifications of proposed solutions

3. Building permit design

  • developing geotechnical documentation
  • designing process including complete assumptions for individual discipline designs
  • developing a building design in order to obtain a building permit
  • developing a water-law study and obtaining a water use license
  • developing dendrological documentation and obtaining a permit to remove trees and shrubs
  • developing a road traffic engineering and necessary agreements

4.Detailed design

Developing projects of the following disciplines:

  • architecture
  • construction and building
  • installation
  • technology and sanitary
  • electrical
  • road

and also:

  • Specifications for Work Accomplishment and Acceptance
  • investment cost estimates
  • bill of quantities

oferta-dokumentacja_przetargowa Tender documentation

We offer a professional help with preparing tender documentation, i.e developing:

  • a contract notice
  • terms of reference
  • a subject-matter of the contract

oferta-nadzor Supervision

We also offer project architect’s supervisions, project supervisions by investors, mechanical, hydraulic and technological systems commissioning.

oferta-zarzadzanie_projektami Project management

We offer a constant supervision over the implementation of the project, as well as a possibility to discuss how to limit the degree of uncertainty related to the project and how to reduce the unit cost.

oferta-specjalisci Experts

We cooperate with numerous subcontractors when preparing individual discipline documentation:

  • geotechnical,
  • dendrological,
  • temporary traffic management during the construction works,
  • construction,
  • electrical,
  • road.

When preparing design documentation, we also secure all necessary expert opinions, such as fire protection, occupational work and safety, sanitary and epidemiological station and other opinions which stem from a local landscape development plan or land development and management conditions.

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